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A little about us...

SNickelFritz Kitchens is a bakery located in Waterloo Region. We are known for our hand-crafted butter tarts made with pure, simple ingredients that we deliver fresh to your door!

our local ingredients. flour, maple syrup, butter, pecans, raisins, and chocolate

We use local, natural ingredients

  • Stoned milled flour from Arva Flour Mills in London, ON

  • Maple syrup boiled over a fire at Snyder Heritage Farms in Bloomingdale, ON

  • Small batch vanilla made by CraftyOn in Wellesley, ON

  • Chocolate from Esta Chocolates in Waterloo, ON 

snickelfritz (noun): an endearing term for a mischievous child, a little trouble-maker

Our name, 'SNickelFritz Kitchens" is inspired by a playful nickname my Great Uncle Herb liked to use.  He had a sweet twinkle in his eye and a gentle laugh when he said it. He and my Aunt Lilli lived in a beautiful old house in Preston that always smelled like fresh baking and perked coffee.  Aunt Lilli (pronounced Lie-la)  always had something home made ready for a snack.  Both were local to Cambridge and both remain in my heart.  My name is a tribute to them and the feeling of warmth and love bestowed by them… with a little spark of humour.  


My twist?  My first name is Sandy, last name is Nickel.  I have been SNickel@ since email was born and was given that moniker by friends.  I would not be able to focus on baking and business without  my husband Adrian – he is my Fritz. 

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for my Kitchen. 


With much love,

- Sandy

a drawing of a percolated coffee maker

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